#Review: #OrderOutOfChaos – Academic Planner, Time Management Book


A note prior to the body of this review: My most sincere apologies to the company for my lack of timeliness in having this review published. A subsequent post to follow will future explain, for those interested in knowing where I’ve been.


For review, I was sent both a book on time management and an academic planner from Order Out of Chaos. I have previously reviewed other items of theirs, and was excited to support a company whose mission I’ve always supported.

I had intended on having this review posted prior to the beginning of the school year, but school has certainly started in this hemisphere by this time of the year. Perhaps this will serve as a reminder for something parents/students might like next year, or perhaps it’s the right time to upgrade to a better academic planner now to help your child succeed this school year. It’s never too late to make changes and start fresh!

“What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management?”

OrderOutOfChaosTeensAndTimeManagementBook   OrderOutOfChaosBook

As a teen who was the worst with time management, or maybe I was just a master at procrastination, I thought this book would speak to readers who have teens and want to tips on how to best help them succeed. I was planning on going into more detail about the book, but you’ll just have to find out more for yourself here.

In short, this book gives helpful tips to parents to help their teens succeed. These are great skills to help your child master now, so that they have the skills when going off to college where they will begin to fully rely on themselves. College professors don’t care if you didn’t get your work done because you managed your time poorly! Start your teens off managing themselves for a more successful schooling future.

I know when I was reading through this book, I found a couple tips that would have been useful for me back in my schooling years. Of course, much of my trouble came from knowing what I needed to do, but then taking the get-up-and-go to do it. I plan to donate this book to the school my mom works out, which recently added middle school grade to their school. This book will be helpful for parents of those students.


Academic Planner


I previously reviewed an older addition of this Academic Planner from Order Out Of Chaos, and was interested in giving the newly released version a try. (Just noticed that first review I did was 3 years ago!) I like that these planners are full 8.5 x 11 sized, rather than the smaller version available. I think that smaller ones fit in purses better, but for academic purposes, I believe think the larger sized is helpful for many students. This planner is designed specifically to break down each class a student has an identify what needs to be complete for each day. (I use to use my planned to indicate what homework I needed to do, when tests were, etc.). There are also useful sections for planning bigger projects and making goals for your learning.

Aside from its purpose as being a useful academic planner, his planner also works if you have multiple aspects of your life that you like to plan/organize. This planner has been working wonderfully for me as a means of keeping track of my personal, blog, and work deadlines and appointments. It would also work quite well if you have a couple children and a spouse’s schedule to keep track of in addition to your own, each person gets their own line.


Overall, I quite like both the book and this planner. If you have students who struggle with organization and time management (or even if they don’t), I’d recommend checking out both of these helpful tools. I know my school always gave out planners, but they weren’t as useful as this.


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#Review: Limm Jump Rope

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if you choose to make a purchase.

Limm Jump Rope Package | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the Limm Jump Rope*. I have been trying to slowly nudge myself back into exercising and I thought that things jump rope would be a good way to get myself back into doing some cardio activity. And so far, it’s kind of working!

This jump rope is designed for fitness, things like Crossfit, rather than the jump rope in gym class. The rope comes fairly long, and the back of the packaging explains how to cut it to the right size for you. I thought I could keep it longer than suggested and just stuff the extra into the hollows of the handle, but that makes the rope tangle too easily when jumping with it.

Limm Jump Rope Instructions | maegal.com

Here is a rough review of the Limm Jump Rope on my YouTube channel.

Limm Jump Rope Details | maegal.com

Overall, I like the Limm Jump Rope. I like that it’s encouraging me to get a bit more exercise (though I’m already slacking!). I like the colors of this jump rope (but don’t leave it in the sun, mine it now a bit orange from sun bleaching!). The handles are comfortable enough to jump for quite some time.


Like what you see?


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#Review: Color Gallery Acrylic Paints – Set of 12

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

Color Gallery Acrylic Paint Set  | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the Color Gallery Acrylic 12-Piece Paint Set *. This set features 12 small tubes filled with a rainbow of colors of acrylic paint. I liked this set initially because of the size of each paint tube and the variety of colors. I definitely am more interested in having a variety of colors rather than larger containers of paint. I generally don’t use much paint in a sitting, so it’s better for me like this.

Color Gallery Acrylic Paints  | maegal.com

I was excited to try out this paints mainly because I knew it would force me into painting something again, even if only for one afternoon for the sake of reviewing these paints. I’ve always loved painting the most out of any arts/crafts. I’m not particularly skilled in the department, but I find the act of painting to be soothing and enjoyable. And when I do paint, acrylics are always my choice medium and inexpensive canvases are always my choice work surface.

Check out MaeGal on YouTube for a video overview of this Color Gallery Acrylic Paint Set (coming soon).

These paints are appropriate for children and adults alike (though remember that acrylics don’t wash out well, so wear something you don’t care about). I can only say good things about this product. I’m pleased with the quality of the paint and the pigmentation of the colors. I like the tubes and the packaging. My one silly little OCD complaint is that the color tubes inside the box do not come arranged in the order that the color stripe on the outside of the box indicates. Obviously, not an issue- but I did have to rearrange them promptly!

Be Quick But Don't Hurry | maegal.com Nighttime Skyline | maegal.com


What to paint something yourself?

Overall, I’m quite pleased with these paints and am glad that I opted to review them. I will continue to use these paints until they’re all gone (which should be some time). I’m moving in a month, and while I won’t be taking all my arts and craft supplies with me (too many!), I will be taking these paints as their size will not take up too much space at all.

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#Giveaway Event: Swinging into Summer – $200 ARV | Ends 7/1

Welcome, MaeGal Readers, to the Swinging into Summer Giveaway Event! I’m excited to help bring you all this giveaway because it’s such a fun prize! I know my sister and I would have LOVED one of these Swing and Spin’s when we were younger…actually, we’d both probably enjoy it still. So with summer in the air and the kids home from school, get them outdoors and having fun with this swing! And reminder, it can hold enough weight for the whole family to join in on the fun. – s.
ARV $199
Hosted by: A Lucky Ladybug and 

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The Swing and Spin brings back the fun of a classic tire swing while providing you and your family with a safe, durable and versatile backyard pastime.

Our swings are one of the safest swings on the market. Rated up to 540 pounds, every swing is made for the entire family to enjoy.

Unlike the old traditional tire swing which is made from old rubber that doesn’t stand up to the elements, Swing and Spin uses high quality UV resistant Polyethylene, a highly durable thermoplastic used in products we rely on every day. The internal webbing-like design with the ropes not only makes for a more comfortable seat, but you don’t have to worry about little ones taking a tumble through the center hole. This webbing of rope also improves the weight tolerance and reinforces the core integrity of every tire swing we produce.

The best part about the Swing and Spin is the easy set up. Just take it out of the box, attach the swing to the rope and find a tree limb, swing set or another cross beam to attach to. Staying true to the classic tire swing, any model swing from Swing and Spin can be mounted in two ways – with the ropes fixed together at one point for 360 spinning and swiveling or separated to operate like a standard swing.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on July 1st, 2015.  Good Luck!!

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#Review: Kids Academy – Educational Apps for Children

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media Blogger Network. All views & opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced in anyway.

Kids Academy | Educational Apps for Children

While I am a strong advocate for NOT having young children exposed to much screen time (TV, cell phone, tablet, video games), there ARE times when it is nice to have a good choice. That’s why I continue to review and share with you all the apps from Kids Academy. With Kids Academy, your kids are able to do something fun that’s also educational! I love how fun, easy and educational these apps are.

screen520x924 (2)Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game
Educational Books & Free Songs

” This is a wonderful app if you’re in the market for something that’s both fun and educational for your child(ren). Another educational and fun app from Kids Academy! While I think limited screen time for children is best, it’s not always realistic. This app is perfect for those times. And with parent mode, you can be sure to stay in charge. “

Download Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game

screen520x924screen520x924 (1)

 screen520x924 (4)

Bugs, Shapes and Robots
Face Paint for Toddlers

FREE for a limited time! (usually $2.99)

” If you’re looking for a way to entertain your little ones but you want them to gain something, this is the app for you. It’s a fun way for your little ones to learn shapes. I’d rather not have a young child have no screen time, but it’s not always realistic. “

Download Bugs, Shapes, and Robots


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#Giveaway Event: Top Child Product of 2015 ($800 ARV) | Ends 5/15

Welcome, MaeGal Readers, to the Top Child Products of 2015 MEGA Giveaway Event! Grand Prize winner will received prizes worth over $800 in value! What a fabulous way to get some of this years hottest child products without having to buy them yourself! And I know 2015 isn’t even half over yet, but there are still some pretty awesome products that have come about thus far for 2015. Good Luck!


Welcome to the Top Child Products of 2015 Guide MEGA Giveaway!

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What are OPKs? – Pregnancy and Parenting

Maternity Portrait 1
Image © scx.hu
Have you heard of ovulation predictor kits or OPKs? Do you know how to use them? This article will tell you more about it. 
If you’re looking to get pregnant or start a family in 2015, continue on to learn more about what OPKs are and how you can increase your chances of conception. Now I know I’m years away from children myself, but I know a lot of my readers are mothers or wish to be soon. So why not share an informative post with you all! Continue on to learn more about ovulation predictor kits (OPKs)…

Every woman has her own cycle and in every single cycle, there’s about 2-4 days wherein she’s fertile and ready to conceive. If you are trying to conceive, being able to know when that ovulation day is will surely increase your odds of conceiving according to the authors at www.pregnancytips.org. This is where the OPK comes in. An ovulation predictor test will check the surge of the LH or luteinizing hormone, the hormone responsible for stimulating ovulation. OPKs are available over the counter and you can choose from the small test strips or the midstream applicators. Both work the same: to detect your ovulation. What we are looking for is a 2 dark line or a second line darker that the first line, this is the positive OPK test result. When you get that, it means you are going to ovulate within 24 to 48 hrs and that is the best time for the sperm to catch the egg for more chances of conceiving. 
MaeGal | Disclosure | maegal.blogspot.com
…with the exception of the purple text, which is my own.

Review: Splash Math App for Grades Pre-K, 1-5 on iTunes/ Google Play

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.

splash math itunes google play app grades pre to kindergarten
Continue on to read my reviews…

Grades Pre-K: An Educational Treat

This would be a nice app for any parent of a child in this age range to have on their iPhone/ iPad. While I’m all for limited screen time for children (and no screen time for those under 3), sometimes you just need something to entertain them when boredom strikes and you’re away from home! At least with your child playing on this app, you know that they are learning and developing useful math skills while still having fun. It’s a great way to not feel guilty about handing your child your phone.

splash math itunes google play app grades 1 to 5

For Grades 1-5: A Great Alternative to Games

Although I don’t have kids of my own or much experience teaching this grade range, I enjoyed playing around with this app myself. It’s a fun way to increase a students math skills while still just having fun. This would be a fun app to download to a family iPad and used as an educational but enjoyable treat for your student, after homework is finished, of course.

Join the 8 million+ users! Download Splash Math on iTunes! 

Get SplashMath for Grades 1-5 

Get SplashMath for Pre-K

Or check them out on Google Play!

Enter to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway…Write a short review of any Splash Math app on the iTunes App Store. If you have already reviewed Splash Math app, simply update your review. Send an email to giveaway@splashmath.com with your iTunes nickname and the app you reviewed.

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3 Holiday Clothing Gift Ideas for Kids from TeaCollection {Sponsored Post}

Kids aren’t always easy to shop for, but these three clothing ideas always make for a great gift for boys or girls. I know I always loved getting clothes as a kid, even though people often joke about how kids could care less about new clothes. I always like mine! Continue on to see my three ideas…

1. Pajamas

Who doesn’t love pajamas?! I know in many families, part of the holidays season tradition is receiving a new pair of pajamas. That wasn’t the case in my family, but many years my sister and I did receive matching pajamas from our grandmother.
Wegfliegen Pajamas*
Eisbar Pajamas*

2. Outerwear

Outerwear is always a good buy, at least around where I live here in Washington. The weather is constantly changing and layers are a necessity. Vest are a great option for a bit warmer winter weather for kids. Vests keep you warm while stilling giving your arms plently of room to move an play.
Chambray Vest*
Holzfaller Hooded Jacket*

3. Shoes

Shoes are again one of those things that you can never really have too many of. Kids are always growing so fast, you never know when you’re going to see another pair of bigger shoes! Plus, how cute are these two?
Old Soles High Edge Hi-Top*

Old Soles Struvy*

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Review: Pouch2Go- Reusable, Washable Food Pouch

Pouch2Go Reusable Washable Food Pouches | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a package of 5 Pouch2Go reusable, easy fill pouches. These pouches are reusable, washable, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA-free and they’re easy to fill! I’ve been wanting to try reusable versions of these popular food pouches since I first learned of them. Continue on to read my review…

As I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to try these reusable pouches since I first learned of them. I’ve worked in childcare off and on for years, and I just so happened to be working at a school that doesn’t serve lunch when single use pouches became popular. I always thought it was so wasteful. You have to throw them out after each use, and they’re expensive! But then the reusable ones came along…

Pouch2Go Information | maegal.blogspot.com

Pouch2Go pouches are great because you save money and the environment all at once. It’s much less expensive to buy a big container of applesauce and fill these pouches then buying them already filled at the store. Plus, you’re not putting so much waste in the landfill with the throw away pouches.

Great for: 
Travel, Lunches, On-the-Go
Yogurt, Applesauce, Homemade Baby Food 

While this product seems more geared toward children, I have been happily taking mine along with me in my lunch bag to the office. I’ve been filling my pouch with some homemade applesauce that we froze last year. But it’s almost time to make some applesauce from this years crop!

Pouch2Go Lid Off | maegal.blogspot.comPouch2Go Lid On | maegal.blogspot.com

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying these pouches and will continue to use them. My Mom, who is a preschool teacher, is planning on taking one to show parents at next years orientation, to try and cut down on the waste from single-use pouches. I’m excited to see what else I can use these pouches with food-wise.

Buy on…*

Learn more at Pouch-2Go.com

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