#Review: Vanilla Bean Powder from Sunny Day Organics

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Vanilla Bean Powder Sunny Day Organics | maegal.com

For review, I was sent Vanilla Bean Powder from Sunny Day Organics*. This Vanilla Bean Powder is made from sun-dried, ground vanilla beans with the vanilla extract rich insides still intact. Vanilla bean powder is used for baking, DIY products, as a substitute for vanilla, and more.

Until this review, I hadn’t heard of Vanilla Bean Powder. As a fan of vanilla extract and all things vanilla, I was excited to give this product a try. The Amazon page for this product suggests using this vanilla bean powder for baking, as a vanilla extract substitute, added to coffee, in DIY gifts, as home-made bug repellant, aromatherapy and more.

Vanilla Bean Powder Close Up | maegal.com

Unfortunately, I’ve not been impressed with this product. I feel bad for saying it, but the point is to always be honest here! I want to give them to benefit of the doubt, but the some reviews make me think mine is not just a disappointing batch. (The majority of reviews were great, makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong…)

It began with the fact that I was expecting to be bombarded with vanilla scent upon opening the package. If this weren’t labeled, I would never know it’s vanilla. I tried it in my coffee, brewing it in with the beans as suggested. Nothing. I could certainly taste that there was a flavor, but vanilla was not it. It was more of an earthy flavor, if anything at all.

Vanilla Bean Powder Information  | maegal.com

I think it would be useful in a face scrub as a biodegradable abrasive agent, which is likely how I’ll use it up. That’s about the only way I can see it being something for me personally. Else wise, I don’t really see me using it.

Overall, I’m confused by this product. I really want to like it, but I don’t at the moment.  I’d still like to try this powder in cooking, like a basic sugar cookie. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and think perhaps this powder requires some heat from baking to activate the flavor.


What to give it a try? 100% Money Back Guarantee makes it worth a shot, right?


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#Review: Holi in the Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set


For review, I was sent the Holi in the Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set*, both in a pastel blue color. The larger sized spatula is perfect for usual making uses. The small sizes spatula is great for small tasks, like scraping out an almost empty jam jar. I found these spatulas to be stiff enough to do their job, but not so stiff as to be useful.

Holi In The Kitchen Spatula Set | maegal.com

I decided to give the larger of the two spatulas a try when I was making a batch of banana bread, complete with walnuts and dried cranberries. It was super easy to use this spatula, and I was pleased with the results. I was able to nicely scrap out the bowl and get every last drop of batter in the bread pan.

Holi In The Kitchenn Package & Info | maegal.com

I found the smaller of the two spatulas useful when I was baking a batch of my breakfast cookies to freeze. I was down to the last of the old peanut butter jar, and this smaller spatula was perfect for getting out a bit clump of peanut butter all at once.
Overall, I’m pleased with this spatula. I like it better than all of the spatulas we currently own. One of our current spatulas is far too stiff, and the others are decades old and falling apart. It’s nice to have a working spatula!

Like what you see?


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Review: Ayl Silicone BBQ Gloves

Photo Jan 25, 8 24 39 AM

For review, I was sent a pair of Ayl Silicone Grill Gloves. They’re perfect for BBQing, grilling, and other cooking. They’re made with silicone so they can withstand a fair about of heat. They come in both red and black, but I opted for the bright red to go with plenty of my other red kitchen goodies.

Photo Jan 25, 8 25 54 AM

I first gave these gloves a try in a spur-of-a-moment panic to try and save a danish that had escaped it’s sheet. I was baking the first ever batch of cheese danishes (yum!) when one of them slipped off the baking sheet and fell on the ovens rack. It was far too hot to pick up using my bare hands, and using an oven mitt would have been near impossible. With the danish slowly slipping through the rack’s grated lines, I ran into my office to grab one of these gloves. And I saved the danish! Sadly not before some of the cheese filling dropped to the oven floor. But these gloves were just what I needed!

I will continue to have these gloves hanging out in the kitchen for situations like that in the future. I’m looking forward to using them this summer with our BBQ. I’m very much a hands on person, so I’ll likely use these to man-handle the food on the grill. You could also successfully use these gloves as oven mitts with handy fingers and texture for better gripping.

Photo Jan 25, 8 22 41 AM

Overall, I really like these gloves and will continue to use them for grilling, in the kitchen and those random danish mishaps. I like the little heart shapes to the gipping texture and red color, too. These would make a lovely gift for the cook/ griller in your life.



Review: Ozeri Fresko Salt and Pepper Grinder

ozeri fresko duo salt & pepper grinder package | maegal.bogspot.com
For review, I was sent the Ozeri Fresko Salt and Pepper Grinder. I’ve previously reviewed the Ozeri Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder, and I wanted to give this one a review because I prefer it visually and then I can gift my sister the original grinder. Continue on to read my review and see a little video clip of it in action…

I most like this grinder because of its sleek, tall and metallic look. I like modern looking kitchen ware, and this fits the bill. I’m also a fan of the clear windows, so you can see what you’re working with, of course.

ozeri fresko duo salt & pepper grinder | maegal.bogspot.com
Having dual sides is great because it allows you to have both salt and pepper. You could also have two different types of sea salts, if you’re a salt connoisseur. I’m not a big salt person, but I do enjoy sea salt as well as your fancier, gourmet salts.

Check out my quick little video showing this grinder in action;
Overall, I’m pleased with this grinder. I prefer it to the first one I reviewed from Ozeri. If I had to pick one, this would be the one. It’s easy to turn and grind, pretty easy to fill, and I haven’t had any trouble using it. I would recommend this for anyone who doesn’t have a salt and/or pepper grinder already.
Buy on Amazon* . . . 

Visit Ozeri.com

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Priority Chef Knife Sharpener {Review}

priority chef knife sharpener | maegal.blogspot.com
For review, I was sent a Priority Chef Knife Sharpener. Again as with many things, while I’m living at home this isn’t something I’ll really need, but I’m very exciting to have it for when I’m living in my own again. Always good to have the ability to make those knives sharp! Continue on the read my review…

priority chef knife sharpener fine and coarse | maegal.blogspot.com
I was in need of my own sharpener, as knives do have a tendency to go dull. My mom has an electric knife sharpener for our home already but, 1) one day I really will move out and need my own things, and 2) my mom’s electric one is not as sharp and good at sharpening as it once was.

I’ve reviewed Priority Chef’s Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler and Jumbo Citrus Squeezer in the past and enjoyed using both of those products, so I thought I would give this product a try.

priority chef knife sharpener instructions | maegal.blogspot.com
Click on image to enlarge and read the instructions.

This knife sharpener features two sharpening sections; one for coarse sharpening jobs on quite dull knives and one for fine sharpening for knifes that need a touch up. You can see in the image below the knife sharpener base and sharpener piece. The piece of the sharpener that features the two sharpening slots can be removed.

priority chef kinfe sharpener two piece | maegal.blogspot.com

Surprisingly, our knives are all pretty sharp right now. I was able to find one that needed some sharpening, which allowed my to give the “fine” side a try. I found this sharpener easy to hold with one hand on a surface while moving the knife with the other. It was pretty effortless and seemed to get the knife sharp. It’s certainly sharper than how it started. I was glad to find the instructions helpful.
I’m particularly looking forward to this knife sharpener when I move and bring out all my old knifes from my apartment. They all need a serious sharpening, and this is going to be the perfect thing for the job!

Buy on Amazon*

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Review & Giveaway: Tuna Squish, Never Touch Your Tuna! – Holiday Gift Idea | Ends 12/21

tuna squish never touch your tuna | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent Tuna Squish, the clean hands way to drain your tuna cans. It makes a great gift for the tuna lover or clean hands fanatic on your shopping list. Certainly a fun gift or stocking stuffer. Continue on to read my review…

Tuna Squish is designed to hold your opened can of tuna and squeeze out the tuna juice (for the cats to drink). It’s a handy way to squeeze out the juice in your tuna without getting the juice on your hands.

tuna squish instructions | maegal.blogspot.com
My favorite part of this of this product is what it looks like. It’s s little tuna fish! How fun! I very well might hang this up on the wall of a future kitchen. Seems like a fun and silly decoration, with a purpose!

tuna squish in action | maegal.blogspot.com
I have two complaints about this product. 
1) I wish the top part of the squish were angled so it would sit flush with the top of the can when squeezing it. 
2) I wish the also opened the can! All it does it squish out the juice.

Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily purchase this for myself, but it is something I might buy for someone like my sister who doesn’t like her hands getting messy. More as a humors present than a practical item. It would also be a fun stocking stuffer!


You can win Tuna Squish for yourself! Makes a fun gift!

Tuna Squish on: FaceBook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+

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Review: Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a 3-piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set from Ozeri. I’ve reviewed numerous Ozeri products in the past, as most of you know, and continue to love and support most of their products. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more of their pans! Continue on to read my review and see detailed pictures…

I’ve reviewed two Ozeri pans in the past, one of which was the Green Earth Pan in the middle size of this set (the other a Stainless Steel Pan). I cannot explain how excited I was to receive these! I’ve even slowly stocking up on these better, ceramic pans and replaced my old, teflon ones. I even bought my Mom a Green Pan for Christmas last year and plan to buy one for my sister this year! That’s how much I like them. I highly recommend them.

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Information | maegal.blogspot.com
Now I won’t be sharing with you all pictures of these exact pans, because I have a plan. As I’m currently living with my Mom and she has a set of everything I use and need, I’ll be putting these pans in storage, all new and shiny, for the day when I finally move. That way I’ll have a lovely set of pans as a housewarming gift to myself.

These pans remind me of cast iron. Similarly, they have to be seasoned before use, they don’t really need soap to be washed (though you can, unlike cast iron), they’re non-stick and they’re just generally amazing.
Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Close Up | maegal.blogspot.com

I will, however, show you the close ups from the first time I reviewed one of these Green Pans. This is the medium sized pan. As you can see, the face of these pans features a ‘honey comb’ type of texture. It’s fun because it tends to stamp some things, like pancakes. I’m easily amused, and quite like the visual of a patterned pancake.

Overall, I really, honestly do love these pans I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pan. I’ve read that teflon really isn’t good for you to be using, and ceramic pans are a wonderful alternative. These pans don’t stick and wash well. I will continue to praise them, and continue to buy them as gifts for family and friends!

Buy on Amazon…*

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Review: Pouch2Go- Reusable, Washable Food Pouch

Pouch2Go Reusable Washable Food Pouches | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a package of 5 Pouch2Go reusable, easy fill pouches. These pouches are reusable, washable, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA-free and they’re easy to fill! I’ve been wanting to try reusable versions of these popular food pouches since I first learned of them. Continue on to read my review…

As I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to try these reusable pouches since I first learned of them. I’ve worked in childcare off and on for years, and I just so happened to be working at a school that doesn’t serve lunch when single use pouches became popular. I always thought it was so wasteful. You have to throw them out after each use, and they’re expensive! But then the reusable ones came along…

Pouch2Go Information | maegal.blogspot.com

Pouch2Go pouches are great because you save money and the environment all at once. It’s much less expensive to buy a big container of applesauce and fill these pouches then buying them already filled at the store. Plus, you’re not putting so much waste in the landfill with the throw away pouches.

Great for: 
Travel, Lunches, On-the-Go
Yogurt, Applesauce, Homemade Baby Food 

While this product seems more geared toward children, I have been happily taking mine along with me in my lunch bag to the office. I’ve been filling my pouch with some homemade applesauce that we froze last year. But it’s almost time to make some applesauce from this years crop!

Pouch2Go Lid Off | maegal.blogspot.comPouch2Go Lid On | maegal.blogspot.com

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying these pouches and will continue to use them. My Mom, who is a preschool teacher, is planning on taking one to show parents at next years orientation, to try and cut down on the waste from single-use pouches. I’m excited to see what else I can use these pouches with food-wise.

Buy on…*

Learn more at Pouch-2Go.com

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Review & Giveaway: BakeItFun Silicone Baking Mat | Ends 9/30

BakeItFun Silicone Baking Mat
For review, I was sent the BakeItFun Silicon Baking Mat. I’ve been hearing a lot about silicone products lately, and I recently tried a SILICONE CUPCAKE PAN. My overall impression of silicon has been good. It’s easy to clean, creates a nice non-stick surface, and cooks my foods well. Continue on to read my review…

I just now finished baking some delicious cookies using this baking mat. It went quite well! It was basically like using parchment paper, but rather than throwing it away when I’m done, I simply wash it for next time. That why I like this silicon trend in general, more washable things.
BakeItFun Silicone Baking Mat Information
Click to enlarge, terribly sorry it’s so blurry!
The mat seemed to do a lovely job of cooking these cookies. They came out of the over evenly baked. As the packaging suggested, food cooked on the silicon mat may cook slightly quicker than if you were to use a baking sheet alone, and I found this to be true.

Buy On…

BakeItFun Silicone Baking Mat Close Up

Overall, as I mentioned about, I quite like this baking mat. It will be my new go to for using every time I want to bake something on a sheet. It makes clean up way easier, and it less wasteful than parchment paper (no need to repurchase those!).


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