Giveaway: FaceBook Follower Freebie Giveaway, Prize Package #5 (of 6) | Ends 10/31

As a thank-you to my FaceBook followers, I promised a giveaway when I reached 7,000 likes. And I’ve made it! THANK YOU!

It’s that time again! Time to win two makeup items, and like Week 2, this week features a MaeGal keychain flashlight (one of only five around, if that’s of interest). If you aren’t into makeup, or don’t have anyone you can win for, don’t worry. There will be future giveaways.

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Prize Package #5: Week Five-Six

e.l.f. Smudge Pot in ‘Back to Basics’
Ulta Blush in a Peach shade
Keychain flashlight, MaeGal

Week Four Giveaway start 10/17 10/19 and ends 10/31.

Be sure to come back next week to enter to win the prize package below, the last in this series of giveaways:

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Makeup Monday: What’s in My ELF Shopping Cart?

makeup monday on MaeGal

For this weeks Makeup Monday post I thought I would share with you all the items that are currently sitting in my e.l.f. shopping cart. Some things are new, some things I just haven’t gotten around to trying out yet. Continue on to see pictures of the products, and a picture of me all fancy faced from last night.

So I’m really trying hard not too buy too much makeup anymore. I tend to wear significantly less than I buy, so logically I’ve tried to limit my buying. As much as I enjoy having a lot of choices and a bunch of makeup, the makeup collection dream I once had isn’t what it use to be. I now like the idea of having one drawer full of makeup.

That being said, I simply cannot help myself from at least window shopping. I hadn’t looked at for a while to see if they had any new products, so that’s what I did. I thought I would share with you all for this Makeup Monday the products that are currently sitting in my shopping cart where I’m waiting to decided if I purchase them or not.

elf cosmetics products on MaeGal

Ta da! There they are, the seven products that currently await for my decision. You can see the name of the product as well as it’s price listed above the products image. As you can see, e.l.f. has pretty darn inexpensive makeup, which makes buying it jus that much easier for me.

I’m interested in the three brushes because I do not yet own any other those brushes. I own quite a few brushes from both e.l.f. studio line and their essentials line. I really like their brushes and I’m in want of these three! I’m a bit of a mascara feind, so I thought I would check out their new volumizing mascara, as I have yet to try it. I also thought it’d be fun to check out their glitter mascara. I love glitter and colored mascara and actually have a glitter eyeliner that is silver just like this mascara. I haven’t tried out these new triple tip eyeliners, so I thought I would give it a try. I wear mascara and eyeliner nearly every single day, so I like to have options to choose from. Finally, I thought I would check out the little eye refresher and see how it works for me.

sarah mae maegal

I went out last night with my girlfriends and kind of dressed up (by my standards anyway). I thought I would share this picture with you in parting, as it’s topically related, though the fancy Instagram filter kind of washes away my makeup.

Question: Do you own any e.l.f. products?

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Makeup Monday: New Products from e.l.f.

makeup monday maegal

So, per my usual every once a month or so browsing of e.l.f., I’ve stumbled across some new products, three of which I really must have. Below are a couple of the new products that caught my eye, though I’ve managed to rationalize talking myself out of two of the products.

Continue on to see pictures of the products I speak of!

New Products from e.l.f. maegal

Eyelash Curler Replacement Pads~FINALLY! Hooray! I was super excited when I found out that e.l.f. now sells replacement pads. I was about to buy another curler form the (my third) which I was really not looking forward to doing, as it’s rather wasteful, so I am SO pleased to see I can now just buy the pads. So I’m buying plenty. Ha.

Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick~I’m pretty excited to try out these shadow sticks and see how they compare to the ever popular NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I own a couple of those, but they’re a little bit more pricey. I’m buying two of e.l.f.’s and we’ll see how it goes.

Oil Free Maximum Coverage Concealer~
I’ve tried other e.l.f. concealers and have liked them somewhat, so I’m excited to try this one out and see how it stands up against the others. My current favorite concealer from jane. cosmetics is also oil free, so I’m hoping it’s a similar consistency. (Though lately I’ve been wear next to no makeup. I go through phases.)

Baked Eyeshadow Palette~
I’ve lately started to enjoy baked eyeshadows, I have a couple, so I thought this palette was super awesome. That being said, I’m resisting my urge to buy it as I already have WAY too many eyeshadows, and way to many e.l.f. eyeshadows.

HD Blush~
This is another product that I really want to try out, as it looks great, but I really can’t justify buying it as I already own way too many blushes considering how infrequently I wear them. But perhaps I’ll try it some time. It really does look great.

Keep posted for possible reviews! It’s really time I get back into making YouTube review videos, or at least blog posts.

Question: Have you ever tried any e.l.f. products?

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Beauty: What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

Originally published: 10/14/10


For a while there, I was wearing around seven products a day, more when I did a detailed eye look. However, for the past two days, this is what I have been wearing. VERY simple look. It shows off my eyes, gives me a nice natural look, and a glossy lip.
I’m fond.

YouTube videos I made that link to these products…
…a review about this mascara:
…a comparison with this mascara:
…a haul with the lipgloss:

What have you been wearing lately?

Beauty: e.l.f. Cosmetics Zit Zapper – REVIEW

Originally published: 09/14/10

Watch the video to see the product and for a more detailed review. Read below for the short written version.

Cost: $1.00
Where: or Target

Application: It uses a roller to apply. Easy, fast, convenient.

Packaging: Simple, effective, nice.

Pros: It works quite well to help prevent breakouts on my combination skin. I don’t have acne, I just get small breakouts.

Cons: I don’t think this would work very well for people with moderate to serious acne, it’s more of a spot treatment for mild acne problems.

Who I buy again?: Yes, I probably will once I run out.

Beauty: Inspired Makeup – Amanda Seyfried

This picture illustrates Amanda’s neutral look,
though it seems she has some eyeliner on here.

Amanda Seyfried is a beautiful woman, a wonderful actress and a very down to earth person, from what I’ve read. I’ve loved her in every movie she’s acted in. She has a natural way with the camera, and a beauty that takes over the show.

In many pictures I’ve seen of her, her makeup is very simple, neutral and doesn’t take away from her natural beauty. Often it seems she is only wearing a pale pink lip and neutral eyes. It’s that idea that inspired this post.

Below is a list of high end, drugstore, and low end products one could use to achieve Amanda Seyfried’s natural, neutral look.


High End: Lips(YSL, Lingerie Pink, $32); Mascara(YSL, Black, $30); Eyebrows(Benefit Cosmetics, Medium, $30); Eyeshadow(NARS, Sophia, $23)

Drugtstore: Lips(Revlon, Pink Pout, $5); Mascara(Maybelline, Black, $6); Eyebrows(Wet N Wild, Medium, $5); Eyeshadow(NYX, Brown, $4)

Low End: Lips(e.l.f, Pink Lemonade, $1); Mascara(e.l.f., Black, $3); Eyebrows(e.l.f., Medium, $3); Eyeshadow(e.l.f, Saddle, $3)

Tell me!
Are you a natural makeup wearer like Amanda, or do you like a more dramatic look?

Beauty: elf #3 – SWATCHES & HAUL

I’m excited to try this and see how it works. It seems to have leaked on its journey to me, and the box was all smooshed, like pictured, when I got it. Luckily, nothing was damaged and there wasn’t a noticeable loss of product.

I was surprised how large the cleaner was when I got it, and how small the removed pads were. Both of these were different then I had imagined, so I look a picture of them both with a AA battery to show you all the size.
Removed $1.00, Cleaner $3.00

$1.00, not very true to color. Watch the YouTube video for a better color representation.


$1.00 each, I got some last time that had different packaging. I quite liked them.

*I like THE, not this. (Referring to my e.l.f. #1 Haul were I bought the kit in “medium”.)

I didn’t unwrap these because they are going to my giveaway.
If you want to see more detailed picture, look at my previous post.


$3.00 each



I didn’t unwrap these because they are going to my giveaway.
If you want to see more detailed picture, look at my previous post.
$1.00, though I got it as a free gift from e.l.f.

Beauty: elf #2 – SWATCHES & HAUL

Bronze Wristlet, $5.00, I might use it for a giveaway, but who knows.

Bronzing Brush, $1.00, might go in a giveaway.

$1.00 each

Remover Pads, $1.00 each, one might go in a giveaway.

Matte Nail Polish Finisher, $1.00

$1.00 each




$1.00 each


$1.00, though it was my free gift from e.l.f.


$1.00, Natural Black


Beauty: Recent Purchases & I Won A Giveaway – HAUL

(L to R: Carribean Frost, Black Créme, Bijor Blue, Fushia with Blue Peal, Hot Red, Indigo)

(L to R: Frosted Ice Party Time, n/a, Clear Top Coat)

(L to R: Black with white polka dots, White with black polka dots)

(L to R: Yellow and white daisy broach that I’ll wear as a necklace, Bright Blue converse.)
Note: The black bow studs and the red lipstick well be given away in my upcoming giveaway! =)

I won a giveaway recently! Here is what I got (minus one non-makeup related item):

(L to R: Jesse’s Girl Golden Meadow, Radient Blues, Eyeshadow brush, Total face brush)

(L to R: Piña Colada, Wild Thing– much more purple in real life, n/a–lighter than the picture shows)

Check out a video I made showing off these items!