#Review: “How to Be a Real Estate Investor” – Phil Pustejovsky

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For review, I was sent to book “How to Be A Real Estate Investor: Discover How You Can Make Fast Cash and Build Wealth Investing in Real Estate” by Phil Pustejovsky. As the back cover suggests, this book will help you discover how to invest in real estate “without cash, credit, risk or experience”. If television as anything to say, it seems that flipping housing is becoming a more known and success-prone line of work. So why not learn about it and see if you want make money investing in real estate.


I was interested in reading and reviewing this book for a couple of reasons. 1) My father is currently considering purchasing foreclosed on housing with the intention of selling them for a profit. He’s humored the idea in the past, but it getting serious. I think this book would be helpful for him and I’m passing it along to him just as soon as I’m done. 2) I’ve always thought about it myself. I’d like my next major purchase to be some sort of small piece of real estate, perhaps something like a condo so I don’t have to worry about the outside of a house for my first project. This is still a couple years down the road, but it’s never bad to read something and learn more. Plus, this book focus more on making money without investing your own, which is more appealing to me at this life stage. 3) I thought that it would very likely be interesting to many of my readers. I know a lot of my readers are a bit older than me and possibly in a place in their lives where this is just what they need!

I haven’t completed reading this book yet, however I’m a little over half done as skimmed the rest of the book to see what additional information Pustejovsky was going to discuss. So far, it’s been an interesting read. The book begins with an introduction in which Pustejosky tells his story of how he got into real estate investing. I was pleased to found him an easy read, and not at all to technically wordy, as I thought may occur.


In this book you will learn from the following parts, per the table of contents; 1. Why Be a Real Estate Investor, 2. How to Think Like an Investor, 3. Real Estate Investing 101, 4. Advanced Investing Techniques, and 5. Your Real Estate Future. In part 1, you will learn what is IDEAL (read the book to know the acronym) about being a real estate investor. In part 2, you will learn what it takes to be a real estate investor and how to get the best results with the right mindset. In part 3, you will learn everything you need to know to become a real estate investor, from two main subcategories of How to Make Fast Cash and How to Build Long Term Wealth. In part 4, you will learn more advanced real estate techniques, such as Foreclosures and Short Sales. In part 5, everything you’ve learned will be put together in summary. Here is where you make your plan and set your goals to begin your real estate investor journey.

As always with book reviews, and why I generally don’t do them anymore, I have a hard time explaining the book without giving it all away or just saying ‘go read it’! But I hope you found this review helpful. If you’re interested in real estate investing, I would recommend checking this book out. It’s a pretty quick read and taught me a lot.

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