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For review, I was sent the Lake House French Press Coffee Maker*. I use a french press nearly every day when I’m at home to make a cup of coffee, and it’s nice to have more than one press! With my recent move from my childhood home to the big city, I was thankful to have accumulated enough presses for both my mom and I to have a couple each.

As for this french press specifically, it’s not unlike others I’ve used in the past. However, it has a few key features that I really like, features that make this my favorite french press and they one that will be living with me (once I get it from back home, it got forgotten in the kitchen!). I like that overall sleek design of the packaging. The handle is made of plastic, so it doesn’t get hot when you add boiling water to it. The handle also has nice clearance between where your knuckles will be and the hot coffee, more clearance than other coffee presses I’ve used. The feet are stable and keep the coffee press level, an issue I had with another brand before.

lake house french press coffee

I have the hardest time reviewing things like this, simply because I’m not totally sure what I want to talk about/ what I should mention. For products like these, it seems like a simple “it works as it should without issues and I recommend it” would suffice at times.

Overall, I like this Lake House French Coffee Press. It does the trick while looking stylish. I have no complaints and have used it a couple times now. My Mom also reports that she has had no issues, and used it just this morning (considering my leaving it behind). I would recommend this french press to anyone who is in the market for one.

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#Review: Supreme Kitchen Coffee & Tea French Press

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For review, I was sent a french press from Supreme Kitchen. I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but usually my laziness prevents me from using french presses at work daily. However, for the weekends at home, I like to have a nice strong cup of french press coffee. My Mother uses her french presses everyday for her cup of coffee. French presses really do make the best coffee.


I was excited to review this french press for a couple of reasons. Currently, we own three french presses in my house (one of which is mine, the other two my Mother’s). It’s nice to have multiples so that we don’t have to clean the presses out every day to use them, just every few days once we run out.

I wanted to try out the Supreme Kitchen french press to add to the collection (when I move out, I’ll be taking it with me). I also wanted a slightly nicer looking french press. This one is made of glass and metal, with the only plastic parts being the handle and the top, inside of the lid. I’m particularly fond of this one visually. I’ve also never used a french press for tea, so I look forward to that future.

I appreciate that this product comes in a little kit that includes additional filter screen, a spoon for scooping coffee beans, and a metal spoon for stirring.


I have two points of contention with the product, however, only one of which would possibly affect my purchasing of this coffee press in the future;

1. The metal frame that holds in the glass beaker does not sit flush to the counter. One of the legs (perhaps just an issue with my particular french press) is a bit shorter that the other making the press a tad wobbly. A bit annoying, but nothing that affects the functionality of the product nor deter me from using it.

2. The lid/filter piece has so many little parts! My Mother has had a french press lid like this before, and they’re a real bummer to have to clean if you’re using it daily. In a comparison, the Supreme Kitchen lid/filter has about 5 pieces, versus the other lids I use that have about 3 pieces. I plan to use this base with a lid I already own from another french press whose base was broken- a perfect solution.

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Overall, I like the base of this french press quite a bit, but I have some problems with the lid. If you plan to use this press only on occassion, I think it’s perfect. If you plan to use it for daily coffee or tea brewing, you may want to consider the cleaning involved. This french press would also likely be more ideal for tea, as the bigger tea leaves versus smaller coffee grounds.

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