#Review: Ohuhu® Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack | #DryingRack

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

DryingRackOpen | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the Ohuhu® Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack,*. This drying rack is made with rust proof stainless steel and light blue plastic. It features two adjustable side wings and a number of drying options and arrangements.

DryingRackFolder | maegal.com

Here is the review I posted to Amazon;

“While I hadn’t previously been interested in drying racks, with my recent move to Seattle, I knew I would be needing a drying rack of my own. And I’m quite please to have been chosen to review this one! I prefer it to the drying rack I’d been using at ‘home’.

I find that this drying rack as a number of places to hang various items and a number of options for me to choose from. It has places to dry shoes on the bottle, hang shirts on the top, enough room to lay items flat. I haven’t actually had to use it yet to dry clothes, but I’m looking forward to it. I tried it out with some dry clothes to see what I could fit and was glad to find it quite spacious.

Overall, I light this drying rack. I like the materials it’s made from and its color. I quite like that it folds up conveniently enough to stow away behind my bedroom door where it’s out of sight and out of the way until I need it again. I would recommend this drying rack to anything looking for one.”

Dry your own clothes!


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#Review: J.I’s Mouse Deodorizer | #truck

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

JTMouseDeodorizer | maegal.com

For review, I was sent a a 4 pack/ 6 month supply of J.I’s Rodent Repellent Mouse Deodorizer*. This product does as the name suggests and controls the scent of mice and other critters from permeating your truck, car, camper, boat, trailer and more.

JTMouseDeodorizerInfo | maegal.com

Here is the review I posted on Amazon;

“According to J.I on Amazon, ‘each individual pouch covers approximately 500 square feet of space. Poke holes in your packs, place them along your walls and walk away. That’s it! … Better than moth balls – multi packs work excellent in large and small warehouses, hotels, shops, machinery and garden sheds, garages, for a fresh tractor cab, trucks, RV campers and trailers, boats, cars, cottages and cabins, basements, storage bins and lockers, mobile homes and houses, and near seed plants, bags and indoor or outdoor use. No see, no view, no touch, no mess, like magic! Great for home defense against mice smells, even better for industrial and commercial application.’

I decided to use my Rodent Repellers in our family garage. We had a rat problem one summer, and still get the occasional mouse or rat, so the garage often has a rodent scent about it. So far, I’m please with the results. I can’t say that they had a big job or a lot of scent to cover up, but I did notice a difference (prior to my moving out). I’m headed home this weekend and will be interested to see how it smells now.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results I’ve had. I think I’ll actually get a set for my dad. He recently got out our old family trailer, and there was a family of mice living in it. He also just removed a family of mice from one of his old cars. The man could really use these, and less vehicles… “



Interested in deodorizing your space?

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#Review & #Giveaway: Renuzit Scent Pearls | Ends 6/10

This post contains products I receive for free in exchange for an honest review.

Renuzit Pearl Scents in Blue Sky Breeze | maegal.com

For review, I was sent a new Renuzit Scent Pearls in the scent Blue Sky Breeze. I’ve used other Renuzit air fresheners in the past (a long time ago), so I was curious to give these new Pearls a try. I thought the idea was interesting, and the little scent balls intrigued me.

As these Scent Pearls are quite the fragrant fellows, I thought they would be great for use near our cat boxes. I previously was using some Purex Crystals in a container, but I thought it would be nice to actually use something designed for freshening the air. While I find the scent a bit too strong for my personal tastes for use in a more closed in space, it’s perfect for this purpose.

Renuzit Pearl Scents Information | maegal.com

I’m particularly a fan of the little jellie pearls themselves. They’re so unique! I don’t think I’ve seen something like this before in stores. The packaging itself is also pretty cute. The top part of the packaging features a fun silver/grey floral sort of pattern that makes it visually appealing if you use it in a noticeable location.

Renuzit Pearl Scents are offered in the following scents: Blue Sky Breeze, Serenity (Fresh Lavender & Eucalyptus), Sparkling Rain, Tranquil (Chamomile & Jasmine) and Seductive Pineapple (from the Vibrante Collection).

Renuzit Pearl Scents Jelly Pearl Balls | maegal.com

Overall, I liked these Renuzit Scent Pearls. I think they’re great for places like bathrooms, mudrooms and where the cat boxes are– as the scent it quite overpowering. For smaller spaces, the scent might be too much it you’re like me. I’m curious to try out some of the other scents to see how I like them. I have a feels I would like Serenity and Seductive Pineapple.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Review: Form-Fit Pillow– Form Fitting, Adjustable, Non-Allergenic

Form Fit Pillow | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent this Form-Fit Pillow, made from buckwheat hulls and soft foam. These pillows are non-allergenic, breathable and shapeable, and made from ingredients in North America. These pillows come over stuffed, so you can remove the excess to add back to your pillow as it gets less fluffy. Continue on to read my review and see more detailed pictures…

Form Fit Pillow Full | maegal.blogspot.com

Well, there it is, the Form-Fit Pillow. As mentioned above, it arrived overstuffed by 1/4 to 1/2, depending on your sleeping habits and how much they recommend you remove. The above picture is pre-pillow case, so you can get an idea of the pillow itself. We all know what pillowcases look like.

Form Fit Pillow Directions and Uses  | maegal.blogspot.com

I was excited to review this pillow because 1) my current pillow is a tragic pancake of a thing, and 2) I’ve been meaning to get a pillow that offers more neck and therefore back support while I sleep. I was a bit hesitant, however. I have tried similar pillows before but the sound of the hulls moving around would always keep me awake. The Form-Fit pillow solves this problem for me with its 10% foam! It’s just enough to keep the hulls from moving around and creating noise.

Form Fit Pillow Zipper Detail  | maegal.blogspot.com

I had been sleeping with this pillow for several nights before I went to visit my boyfriend, and I’ve missed this pillow! It’s working out quite well for me. I’m a side sleeper, so they recommended I removed about 1/4 of the filling. After using this pillow and knowing my preferences, I’m liking to refill the pillow to its overstuffed self. I suppose that might put my neck more out of alignment, but I’ll have to experiment.

Form Fit Pillow Stuffing/ Filling Buckwheat Husks and Foam  | maegal.blogspot.com

Overall, I like this pillow. It’s probably not for everyone, but if you’re in the market for a pillow, do give it a try and see if it’s right for you. I know people who love and only use these types of pillows. I’ll be curious to see if I buy this pillow or a regular one when the time arrives. Until them, I’m quite content!

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Giveaway Event: Dinnerware Sets, Glass Flutes, Beverage Dispenser! ft. Jay Companies | Ends 12/22

jay companies dinnerware giveaway | maegal.blogspot.com   

Sponsored by Jay Companies

Brought to you by Mom Powered Media

Welcome to another fabulous giveaway event brought to you by Mom Powered Media. You may have noticed by now that a lot of the giveaway events I help promote are from them. They work with some pretty awesome companies to give you all the chance to win some amazing goodies! Continue on to win this amazing dinnerware set prize!

The holidays are upon us. When we think about the parties that we will have, we want to have great items around. Jay Companies is the place to get some great items for your entertaining. They have a wide range of items from dinnerware, to bar ware, to home decor and everything you would need to have a party with. Weather you are entertaining 5 people or 50 people you can expect great things from them.

For over 50 years The Jay Companies has specialized in fine and casual dinnerware, crystal stemware and giftware, table charger plates and decorative accessories. Quality and fashion have been the hallmark of the Jay brand for over half a century.

Founded in the early 1950’s by Paul and Erna Jay, The Company began doing business in Italy, Portugal and Spain. The Jay Companies has since added the Czech Republic and Turkey to its list of European sources as well as product from the Far East. Their ability to manufacture all items in very large quantities presents us the unique opportunity of bringing designer products to our customers at extraordinary pricing. They are always mindful of ever changing styles. Jay’s design team pays great attention to the latest trends and fashions. The company’s quality control department pays careful attention to both product and packaging, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Get 35% off your order plus FREE Shipping!

Jay Companies has graciously offered to give one lucky person this awesome gift package. That one person will receive: 

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Coupons & Sales: Black Friday (& Cyber Monday Preview)

Black Friday (& Cyber Monday Preview)

I’m going to be out of town, celebrating Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family, so I’m writing this post a couple days early. There are going to be a ton more great deals coming out the day of, and I will try to update this post. Until then, here are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons, sales and deals that I know about right now. Continue on the reveal the deals…

Black Friday

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Cyber Monday Preview
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Offer: T-Shirts 60% off & FREE SHIPPING +FREE Bracelet. Additionally, every t-shirt order will receive a FREE bracelet. Reg. Price- $9.95. Limit one per order. 
Valid: Limited time starting 12/01.

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Review & FLASH Giveaway: Purex Aromatherapy Crystals | Ends 11/22

purex aromatherapy crystals well being | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a bottle of Purex Aromatherapy Crystals. I’ve previously reviewed two other bottles of Purex Crystals. Continue on to read my review…

Again with the series of events conspiring to prevent me from getting this post published on time. 1. My Nana fell yesterday and I spend the day in the hospital with my Mom (I’m actually typing this from the hospital). 2. I didn’t particularly want to review another Purex Crystals, as I already reviewed two bottles, but apparently I requested it be sent. 3. I missed the deadline for this post to be published because I somehow had the date on my calendar wrong. UGH.

purex crystals aromatherapy information | maegal.blogspot.com
So without further ado, here is my review: a short, brief one. If you’d like to read a further review, check out my previous two posts.

Aromatherapy Crystals are great for those who like to have fragrant clothing and laundry. The Aromatherapy Crystals are a bit different from the other Crystals in that the scents are designed to be calming, energizing, for your well-being and so forth.

purex aromatherapy crystals | maegal.blogpsot.com
Overall, I like these Aromatherapy Crystals, but would probably not purchase them myself. They’re great for those who like fragrant laundry. I’ve found them useful as an air freshener near my cat box.
FLASH Giveaway

Note: This coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Crystals expires Sunday, 11/30
This is a flash giveaway so I can send these coupons out in the mail Monday or Tuesday, and hopefully they will arrive it time! Sorry, guys.

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Review: Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a 3-piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set from Ozeri. I’ve reviewed numerous Ozeri products in the past, as most of you know, and continue to love and support most of their products. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more of their pans! Continue on to read my review and see detailed pictures…

I’ve reviewed two Ozeri pans in the past, one of which was the Green Earth Pan in the middle size of this set (the other a Stainless Steel Pan). I cannot explain how excited I was to receive these! I’ve even slowly stocking up on these better, ceramic pans and replaced my old, teflon ones. I even bought my Mom a Green Pan for Christmas last year and plan to buy one for my sister this year! That’s how much I like them. I highly recommend them.

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Information | maegal.blogspot.com
Now I won’t be sharing with you all pictures of these exact pans, because I have a plan. As I’m currently living with my Mom and she has a set of everything I use and need, I’ll be putting these pans in storage, all new and shiny, for the day when I finally move. That way I’ll have a lovely set of pans as a housewarming gift to myself.

These pans remind me of cast iron. Similarly, they have to be seasoned before use, they don’t really need soap to be washed (though you can, unlike cast iron), they’re non-stick and they’re just generally amazing.
Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Close Up | maegal.blogspot.com

I will, however, show you the close ups from the first time I reviewed one of these Green Pans. This is the medium sized pan. As you can see, the face of these pans features a ‘honey comb’ type of texture. It’s fun because it tends to stamp some things, like pancakes. I’m easily amused, and quite like the visual of a patterned pancake.

Overall, I really, honestly do love these pans I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pan. I’ve read that teflon really isn’t good for you to be using, and ceramic pans are a wonderful alternative. These pans don’t stick and wash well. I will continue to praise them, and continue to buy them as gifts for family and friends!

Buy on Amazon…*

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Giveaway Event: Giving Thanks | Ends 11/30

It is time for Giving Thanks!

Welcome to the Giving Thanks Giveaway! I’m excited to share this giveaway with all my MaeGal readers, because it’s a pretty awesome prize package. Treat yourself, or divide up this prize package and make a bunch of gifts for those on your holiday list. Continue on to check it out for yourself…

Now is the time when friends and families get together to give thanks for all the wonderful things they’ve been given throughout the year. We Three Moms (Anderson’s Angels, The Joy of Mama Joyner and The More The Merrier), are so very thankful for our families and everything we have, we’ve joined with over 100 other wonderful bloggers, to bring you another huge giveaway event! One winner will take home all of the prizes we’ve managed to put together (it’s almost $600 in prizes!) for The Giving Thanks Giveaway!
Giving Thanks Prize Collage
We’ve gathered prizes for the whole family! Here is a list of our Sponsors & the prizes ~
Giant Microbes – ornament set – $24.95
King Arthur Flour – baking set -$45.80
Misto – 1 stainless steel Misto – $14.99
Meal Measure – 1 Meal Measure – $12.98
Pixtagram – 3 sets of 10 magnets – $36
Chef’s Planet – 1 Flavor Enhancer – $45
SoapBox Soaps – 1 Autumn Bundle Set – $23.80
Emerson Creek Pottery – Blue Crab Pie Plate – $31
DK Books – 2 Books – $20
Game Chef – Rollick & Been There Done That Games – $49.98
Lille Rabbagast – Monkey Toys – $20
Rollors – Rollors Game – $50
Zike Bike – Z100 – $249
It’s exciting isn’t it? Come enter to win! You never know, you may be the ONE to win every single prize!

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Giveaway Event: Dreft Laundry Prize Pack | Ends 11/13

Welcome to the Dreft Prize Pack Giveaway
Hosted by Miss FrugalMommy & Sponsored by Dreft
About Dreft Laundry Detergent
  • Trusted for over 80 years, Dreft comes with a babyhood scent beloved by moms and provides little ones fabrics with an amazing clean, yet it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby
  • Specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin but tough on stains, Dreft brings cuddle time to a whole new level of warm and fuzzy this winter season.

You can discover more about Dreft and their amazing products in Miss Frugal Mommy’s review!

One lucky fan is going to receive a Dreft prize pack with the following items:

  • 2 bottles of Dreft ($38)
  • 1 set of Dreft wipes ($10)
  • 1 laundry stain remover ($5)
  • 1 to-go stain remover ($4)
  • 1 odor eliminator and fabric refresher ($5)
  • $30 gift card for Little Me clothing ($30)
  • Little Me footie pajamas sz. 6 months ($16)

    This giveaway is open to US only. Enter to win in the giveaway tools below, all entries will be verified, one entrant per household or you will immediately be disqualified. Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor and not the participating bloggers. Good Luck!!!  

    sarah signature maegal This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you have any questions, concerns or would like your product featured in the next giveaway, please contact Miss Frugal Mommy via email: MsFrugalMommy@hotmail.com