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A note prior to the body of this review: My most sincere apologies to the company for my lack of timeliness in having this review published. A subsequent post to follow will future explain, for those interested in knowing where I’ve been.


For review, I was send the cord to go retractable USB lightning charging cable, for iPhone 5 and above. While I generally do not review items that don’t work with devices I have, there was a mix up and I was sent an item incomparable with any of my devices. I’ve enjoyed all the products I’ve reviewed from this company, so I figured this product wouldn’t disappoint.


I was excited to receive this product, as it is just what I wanted for for using in conjunction with my portable charger. The size of this cord makes it much more convenient for storing in my purse. Unfortunately, it will not be for me. I thought about giving away this cord, but have decided to keep it on hand for friends who need the new generation cord/ for when I might finally upgrade my phone this coming year.


Overall, I quite like this product and am rather bummer that they don’t make one compatible with the first generation chargers! I would buy one for myself and a couple as gifts. Of course, I do have plenty of friends who are with the times. Unlike myself, my sister and a couple friends who still have iPhone 4s’s. If you’re in the market for a small, easily portable charging cord, I would highly recommend checking out this one.

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#Review: +LIFEGUARD Mini Portable Charger


plus life guard cords | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the +LIFEGUARD Mini Portable Charger in Pink. This set comes with two mini cables; a cable used to fill/charger the charger and a mini USB cable for charging any devices you have that use such. As I have an iPhone 4s, I have to use an extra cable of that variety that I had laying around.

I’ve been meaning to buy a portable charger for some time now. It’s always seemed convenient to have one in your purse or car for those times when you aren’t able to use an outlet/ are not close to one. With my phone getting older and its battery life getting pathetically short, this is just the item I need to have in my purse at all times.

The first time I filled up/ charger this portable charger it took about 3 hours to fill completely. I haven’t used it to completely charge my phone, so I can’t verify how many times it can fully charge your device. However, I have used it multiple times when my phone is dying, I’m using it around the house, and I’m not close to any outlets. Yep, I’m just that lazy/ impatient. But it works wonders!

plus life guard mini | maegal.com plus life guard information | maegal.com

Overall, I quite like this portable charger. I think it has a sleek, sophisticated design to it and is the perfect size for purse or pocket. I would have prefered to receive this charger in Black, as I’m not a big fan of the color Pink, but I like that it’s a fluorescent shade of pink. I haven’t tried other portable chargers, but I would highly recommend checking this one out if you’re in the market for a portable charger.

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Giveaway Event: CooKoo Connected 2 Watch & Accessories Giveaway | Ends 2/2

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Overview & Giveaway: Skiva Tech Lightning Fire C-1 Car Charger | Ends 12/28

skiva tech lightning fire car charger | maegal.blogspot.com
For review, I was sent a Skiva Tech Lightning Fire Car Charger (for iPhone 5, iPad and newer iPods). Unfortunately, I’ve done it AGAIN and offered to review a product without realizing before hand that it isn’t compatible with my iPhone/ iPod. Fortunately for you, that means that I get to host another Instagram giveaway! Continue on to read my overview and enter to win…

As I will not be opening this package to review (don’t want to be playing around with someone’s prize), I’ll be giving an overview.
My overall initial impression of this product is good and I certainly wish I could use it myself! It’s a nice size, color and have appealing packaging.

skiva tech lightning car charger info | maegal.blogspot.com

The cost of this product is a bit more than I paid for my other car charger, but with that comes quality. I wanted to review this charger because my cheap one was just that, cheap! Even the quality of the Skiva Tech charger from looking at the packaging seems MUCH more superior.
Overall, I’ve been given a good impression of this charger. It had good reviews on Amazon, which I value. I’d really love to see someone who wins this charger get good use of it!
Enter via @theMaeGal on Instagram! Two easy steps.
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Review: Splash Math App for Grades Pre-K, 1-5 on iTunes/ Google Play

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.

splash math itunes google play app grades pre to kindergarten
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Grades Pre-K: An Educational Treat

This would be a nice app for any parent of a child in this age range to have on their iPhone/ iPad. While I’m all for limited screen time for children (and no screen time for those under 3), sometimes you just need something to entertain them when boredom strikes and you’re away from home! At least with your child playing on this app, you know that they are learning and developing useful math skills while still having fun. It’s a great way to not feel guilty about handing your child your phone.

splash math itunes google play app grades 1 to 5

For Grades 1-5: A Great Alternative to Games

Although I don’t have kids of my own or much experience teaching this grade range, I enjoyed playing around with this app myself. It’s a fun way to increase a students math skills while still just having fun. This would be a fun app to download to a family iPad and used as an educational but enjoyable treat for your student, after homework is finished, of course.

Join the 8 million+ users! Download Splash Math on iTunes! 

Get SplashMath for Grades 1-5 

Get SplashMath for Pre-K

Or check them out on Google Play!

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Review & Giveaway: iArrow Sports Armband | Ends 10/31

iArrow Sports Armband | amegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent this iArrow Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s. I was excited to review this armband, because I don’t have one for my phone. But that is where the troubles begin… 

Continue on to read my review, listen to me vent, and enter to win this for yourself!

I have an iPhone 4s, and though I try to be particularly careful when offering to review phone related items, I’ve gone and made an error in ordering something for review that I cannot actually review in use myself. Boo!

And then, to make matters worse, when I just now went to write my review, I realize that I somehow managed to deleted my better pictures that I had taken when initially receiving this armband. But I need to have the post published, as promised, in fifteen minutes! …Did I ever mention that I’m a terrible procrastinator?

So instead of a review, this is going to be an overview.

iArrow Sports Armband Info | maegal.blogspot.com

I’m pleased with how this armband seems to work. I’m actually quite disappointed that I didn’t check well enough to see that it wouldn’t work for me. I was pleased with this right from the beginning, simply because I like the clean and simpleness of the packaging. I’m a sucker for simple, clean packaging.

The armband works by adjusting with an elastic strap to securely hold on to your bicep. The band is then attached to a hard, plastic case which holds your phone. I like that this case is hard, because it seems even more safe and secure that way. 

I hope that you all enter, those who have iPhone 5/5s’, because I’d really love to see someone getting good use out of this while I cannot. Be sure to check it out, below!

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iArrow Sports Armband Giveaway | maegal.blogspot.com

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