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A note prior to the body of this review: My most sincere apologies to the company for my lack of timeliness in having this review published. A subsequent post to follow will future explain, for those interested in knowing where I’ve been.


For review, I was send the cord to go retractable USB lightning charging cable, for iPhone 5 and above. While I generally do not review items that don’t work with devices I have, there was a mix up and I was sent an item incomparable with any of my devices. I’ve enjoyed all the products I’ve reviewed from this company, so I figured this product wouldn’t disappoint.


I was excited to receive this product, as it is just what I wanted for for using in conjunction with my portable charger. The size of this cord makes it much more convenient for storing in my purse. Unfortunately, it will not be for me. I thought about giving away this cord, but have decided to keep it on hand for friends who need the new generation cord/ for when I might finally upgrade my phone this coming year.


Overall, I quite like this product and am rather bummer that they don’t make one compatible with the first generation chargers! I would buy one for myself and a couple as gifts. Of course, I do have plenty of friends who are with the times. Unlike myself, my sister and a couple friends who still have iPhone 4s’s. If you’re in the market for a small, easily portable charging cord, I would highly recommend checking out this one.

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#Review: Skiva Tech PowerSkin A4 Charging Case


Skiva PowerSkin and Cord | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the PowerSkin A4 Slim Protective Battery Case* from Skiva Tech. This is a phone case with a built in battery. It’s perfect for phones, like mine, that don’t have the battery life they once did. Easy to use, no cords while charging your phone, and it even comes with a little kickstand on the back for watching videos and so forth. The case is holds 1400mAh (which equals about one full charge on my iPhone 4s).

Skiva PowerSkin Info | maegal.com

I was excited to try out this phone case because, as I mentioned, my phones battery life is simply not what it once was. I’ve had my phone for about 2 and a half years now, and it really seems that the batteries on phones start to go bad about them. (I theorize there isn’t a coincidence between most companies having two year contracts and most of my phones starting to go down hill around year two, but my iPhone is fairing well.) I’m particularly looking forward to using this case on days I know I won’t have time to plug in my phone to the wall or my portable charger, but need more charge than my battery now holds.

I spend an hour or so every afternoon (at least now that it’s spring) outside watching YouTube videos when I get how from work. The little kickstand on the back of this case is going to be particularly useful for those times. I also have a wireless keyboard that I like to use in conjunction with my cell phone when I’m at coffee shops or something like that. The kickstand will be useful for that at well, so I can prop up my phone and see the screen as I type.

Skiva PowerSkin Charging Case | maegal.com

As much as I like this case, I do have two points of contention that came about during my review. 1) The first case I received I had to return. It wouldn’t turn on. I was quite pleased with the speed that the company sent out my new case, however. I had the new one the day after I sent out the old one to return! 2) The instructions are difficult to understand/ are poorly written. This is less of a use problem (as you can still work it without them), but it’s something that bothers me. Badly written instructions are a pet peeve of mine!

Here is a video clip showing the Skiva Tech PowerSkin in action:

Overall, I like this PowerSkin case from Skiva Tech. I look forward to reviewing future products from this company. I will continue to use and enjoy using this case for the purposes I mentioned above.

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