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A note prior to the body of this review: My most sincere apologies to the company for my lack of timeliness in having this review published. A subsequent post to follow will future explain, for those interested in knowing where I’ve been.


For review I was sent the a smartphone pouch, a waterproof pouch to protect your phone from getting wet and damaged. Great for fishing, boating, a day at the beach, torrential downpours, or any other time you don’t want to risk your phone taking an unwanted bath!

Aleratec Smart Phone Waterproof Pouch

I wanted to review this product because I do not currently own any sort of pouch or a case to protect my phone from getting wet when I’m at the beach. This past summer I’d been using a plastic baggie. While that works and you can still use the touchscreen on your phone, it’s not quite the same as having a bag that is thicker and better designed for this purpose. While I don’t do many activities in the winter that require me to use these, I will be very grateful to have them come summertime again. Although I can imagine that they might be useful if you plan on being in really wet snow, or like the go playing on frozen bodies of water where the risk of falling in is present. (Though if you fall in a body of frozen water, your phone getting wet is probably the least of your worries.)

The smart phone pouch itself is a rectangular, transparent, plastic pouch with two large ziploc type closures that is then folded down and velcroed in place. The pouch comes with an attachable cord that is big enough to wear around your neck, if you so choose. The transparency of the pouch allows you to use all the features of your phone (even the camera!) without taking the phone out of the pouch and risking it falling into a watery grave.

Aleratec Smart Phone Waterproof Pouch Closure

Overall, I like this smart phone pouch and will continue to use it whenever I’m playing near the water. As this package came with two pouches and I don’t plan to use mine so often that I’ll need a replacement, I plan to gift the second one to my sister. I would recommend this pouch to anyone who spends time around the water with a smartphone they’re rather not have water damaged.


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Fashion Friday: Nantucket Summer Wedding

This is a Sponsored Post brought to you in partnership with RentTheRunway. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

Summer is in the air! And you know what that means, wedding season! I don’t have any weddings to go to this summer (in fact, I haven’t been to a wedding in years- my friends seems to just get eloped or have children and forego marriage). But just because I’m not attending any weddings doesn’t mean many people won’t be! I thought it would be fun to share with you all three of my top picks for a Nantucket Summer Weddings with Rent the Runway*.

If you haven’t checked out RentTheRunway yet, you really ought to. It’s a great way to wear that name brand dress you’ve always dreamed of, without having to pay half a months paycheck or more for one. With RentTheRunway, you can rent and wear a different dress to every occasion for the cost of purchasing just one!

Here are three of my picks for a summer wedding;

rent the runway affiliate blue dress1. Theia – Blue Gradient Dress*

My first pick is this blue and white striped gradient effect dress. I chose this dress for a summer wedding because of the classic shape and modest hemlines. This would be something I would wear to a summer wedding. Appropriate for a number of different wedding attire options.






rent the runway affiliate mint dress2. Shoshanna – Judith Dress*

My second choice is this mint/blue colored lace dress. Like the first dress, this dress has a more conservation neck and hem line. The lace makes this dress a bit more elegant, which I quite like. On second thought, I think I like this dress more! Perfect for a number of wedding attire dress codes, but I think this would look particularly nice at a beach wedding.





rent the runway affiliate orange jumpsuit3. Trina Turk – Bermuda Jumpsuit*

My third choice is this peach/salmon/coral colored jumpsuit. While this might not work for every wedding, it would again be nice for a more casual wedding, like a beach wedding. It seems like this would also be a nice choice for a daytime wedding (people do those, right?).





And if you do decide you’d like to rent from Rent The Runways, be sure to check out this coupon:

Get $25 off your first rental of $75+!*

Use Code: FIRSTRTR25X75X

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#Giveaway Event: Swinging into Summer – $200 ARV | Ends 7/1

Welcome, MaeGal Readers, to the Swinging into Summer Giveaway Event! I’m excited to help bring you all this giveaway because it’s such a fun prize! I know my sister and I would have LOVED one of these Swing and Spin’s when we were younger…actually, we’d both probably enjoy it still. So with summer in the air and the kids home from school, get them outdoors and having fun with this swing! And reminder, it can hold enough weight for the whole family to join in on the fun. – s.
ARV $199
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The Swing and Spin brings back the fun of a classic tire swing while providing you and your family with a safe, durable and versatile backyard pastime.

Our swings are one of the safest swings on the market. Rated up to 540 pounds, every swing is made for the entire family to enjoy.

Unlike the old traditional tire swing which is made from old rubber that doesn’t stand up to the elements, Swing and Spin uses high quality UV resistant Polyethylene, a highly durable thermoplastic used in products we rely on every day. The internal webbing-like design with the ropes not only makes for a more comfortable seat, but you don’t have to worry about little ones taking a tumble through the center hole. This webbing of rope also improves the weight tolerance and reinforces the core integrity of every tire swing we produce.

The best part about the Swing and Spin is the easy set up. Just take it out of the box, attach the swing to the rope and find a tree limb, swing set or another cross beam to attach to. Staying true to the classic tire swing, any model swing from Swing and Spin can be mounted in two ways – with the ropes fixed together at one point for 360 spinning and swiveling or separated to operate like a standard swing.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on July 1st, 2015.  Good Luck!!

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Swimwear at Bonobos – Board Shorts for All!

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Summer is officially here this weekend, celebrate with Swimwear at Bonobos*! I know that means time to start spending some weekends out at the lake swimming away! Well, splashing around. My local lakes doesn’t usually get that hot. But they might this summer! Last year we had a couple good days of warm weather and water.


Get ready for summer swimming! Bonobos has a great selection of 5″ shorts*, 9″ board shorts*, and 7″ board shorts and trunks*, perfect for whatever style you prefer. Need a gift for Father’s Day still? Hurry and you can still get Dad/ whomever a pair of board shorts! Plus, you’ll get free shipping and free returns when you buy any of Bonobos’ summer styles!


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Summer Polos and Tees at Bonobos.com!

This post contains affiliate links that will award me a small payment if clicked/ purchases made. This is a Sponsored Post brought to you by Bonobos.com*.

Summer is upon us! Even here in the generally chilly Pacific Northwest, we’ve been getting some pretty nice sunshine filled days in the past week. With summer here, Bonobos wants to help get you ready for all your summer adventures with The Summer Shop at Bonobos*.
Check out these perfect-for-summer finds:


A light weight summer polo shirt*, a cotton tee shirt* with a fun design, cool, comfortable tank* with a fun print.
And be sure to order soon to get FREE Shipping on ALL Bonobos* orders!

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#Giveaway Event: Clean Summer Breeze – Air Purifier | Ends 6/23

Hello, MaeGal Readers! Welcome to the Clean Summer Breeze Giveaway Event! Enter for the chance to win a Vena Airwasher – Small Room Air Purifier. I know summer (and spring) are the times of year that I am most susceptible to allergens in the air. I would love to have this air purifier in my bedroom! I wake up all stuffy and it’d be nice to have clean air to breathe when I sleep. Good luck!
Venta Airwasher – LW 15
ARV $220
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The most compact, small humidifier and best room air purifier on the market, the LW15 Airwasher contains our most advanced technology to remove dust, particles and allergens from the air you breathe. This filter less humidifier and dual-function device cleans indoor air making it the best humidifier for baby rooms, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Our filter less technology reduces mold and waste, along with other additional life changing air purifier benefits. The Venta Airwasher brings new meaning to, and appreciation for, personal space. Our Airwashers were designed with advanced technology and German engineering, making them the best room humidifiers and purifiers on the market.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on June 23rd, 2015.  Good Luck!!

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#Review & #Giveaway: Yumms Burger Press, Grill Mat & Grill Light | Ends 6/11

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn my a small payment if clicked.

Grilling | maegal.com

For review, I was sent Yumm’s Burger Press, Grill Mat and Grill Light. I was excited to do this review because summer is upon us, and grill season has begun! I’ve never owner or used a burger press and was excited to make constantly shaped patties. I was also looking forward to using the grill light and grill mat set for the same reasons.

Housekeeping Note: Grr! I failed to place my watermark/ URL on these images. So don’t just take them for your own, mmh kay? I don’t want to go back and change it all. Like image thieves would read this…


Yumms Burger Press*

Yumms Burger Press | maegal.com

The burger press was probably my favorite of these three items. In order to give it a try, I had what is mostly likely my first ever Memorial Day Barbecue. I made delicious onion burgers and some grilled vegetables dipped in balsamic vinegar. Yum!

The Yumms Burger Press is BPA free, dishwasher safe and works to make 1/4″ to 5/8″ patties. (I used 1/3 lb per patty, about 1/2″ thick). Yumms allows you to touch your burger meat just one to place it in the press, and then never again!

Yumms Burger Pressed Patty | maegal.com

Overall, I’m pleased with this burger press and will continue to use it (when I make burgers a couple times a year, I’m not a bit meat-eater, it’s expensive!). Be sure to check out all my pictures about this post to see the press in various stages of use.

Pressed Burger Patties | maegal.com


Yumms LED Grill Light*

Yumms Grill LED Lights | maegal.com

I was curious about the Grill Light, but knew that it would turn into more of a handy outdoor light with an attachment piece. Where I live, if it’s dark enough to need a light while grilling, it’s too cold to be outside anymore- even in the middle of summer. I do plan to use this light for other purposes.

This light is bright! If you’re using it as a late night grill accessory, it will certainly do the trick. This light features two very bright blue/white LED lights. I’m particularly amused with the soft touch power button on the light. Though it was a bit shocking when it came on while I was putting the batteries in, too bright for surprises!

Yumms Grill Light | maegal.com

Overall, I like this light and while I will not be using it directly as a grill light, I will be using it this summer. The adjustable clasp making it pretty easy to attach the light to almost anywhere I could use it. I’m hoping we will get a couple warmer evenings this year and I’ll get to use the light seriously!


Yumms Grill Mat Set of 2*

Yumms Grill Mat | maegal.com

I was excited to review these grill mats, are they seems to be quite different from the silicone mats I’ve previously tried out. These grill mats are different in the way that they can be placed directly on the grill slats, or used in the over directly on the over rack.

I was hoping to give these mats a try while I was using the burger press, but I read something on the back of the packaging that changed that plan. Apparently you’re suppose to make sure there are 7 inches between the mat and direct flame. I’m not sure I’ve EVER owned a grill that have that much space. As such, I decided to pass. I’d really hate to ruin the burgers!

Yumms Grill Mat Info | maegal.com

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this grill mat. As I am unable to use it on my barbecue, I didn’t have a chance to fully review it yet. And I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t notice the 7 inch clearance guideline before. I think I’ll stick with using these mats in the oven. I can think of a couple ways they would be helpful there (for instance, under a pizza so it doesn’t have to go directly on the dirty oven rack and drip down cheese on the elements below).

BBQ Burger & Veggies | maegal.com
The Finished Product: (left, top) Burger topped with cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato. Grilled vegetables (right, bottom): red peppers, onion, eggplant dipped in balsamic vinegar.


Giveaway extended!

Note: If you previously entered, you have been awarded a bonus entry as a thank you for baring with me.

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Wordless Wednesday: Purple and Pink Petunias

potted petunias | photography by MaeGal

Here is another lovely example of me putting off drafts and forgetting about them for a long time! Another lovely selection of flower photographs from last year. I’ve replanted this post for this season, so perhaps it’s time for me to take pictures and upload this year while they’re still “this year”. Until then, enjoy last years petunias! 

Continue on for close ups…

dark pink petunias | photography by MaeGal

medium pink petunias | photography by MaeGal
deep purple petunias | photography by MaeGal

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Wordless Wednesday: Spring Flowers

purple flower | photography by MaeGal

Time for another posting of an older draft! These here pictures were taken about a year ago, and here I am getting them to your eyes. Not too shabby for quickly taken iPhone pictures, eh? I’ve only had this draft sitting around since June! About time I share it with you all. Continue on to see three more pictures…

red flower | photography by MaeGal

yellow flower | photography by MaeGal

orange flower | photography by MaeGal

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Review: BeeSili™ Ice Pop Molds

Bee Sili Ice Pop Mold Six Color Package | maegal.blogspot.com

For review, I was sent a set of five Bee Sili Ice Pop Molds. These molds are made a silicone and come in a package of six colors. They’re freezer safe (as you would hope for an ice pop mold) and easy to wash. Continue on to read my review of these ice pop molds.

Bee Sili Ice Pop Mold with Cap | maegal.blogspot.com
To give these little ice molds try, I poured some tasty lemonade into one of these molds. They seem to hold a decent amount, like a usual ice pop. I found that the wire rack in our freezer has slots just the right size to place the ice pops and have them hang to freeze. It worked quite well!

As for eating the ice pop, I found that you could either squeeze and break it up, run it under hot water to soften the sides, or otherwise squeeze it out of the silicone. You might have to wait until they thaw some before you gave it to kids, unless you don’t mind a huge, sticky mess (which is sometimes fun).

Buy On…*
Overall, I like these molds. I do like to have fruit pops from time to time, so it’ll be nice to have an easy way to freeze from fruit juice for a nice frozen treat. These would also be a great treat for kids, without as much sugar and in a flavor of their choice! I think these would make a fun gift for the kids on your holiday list (yes, it’s time to start thinking about that already, ah!).

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