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A note prior to the body of this review: My most sincere apologies to the company for my lack of timeliness in having this review published. A subsequent post to follow will future explain, for those interested in knowing where I’ve been.


For review I was sent the a smartphone pouch, a waterproof pouch to protect your phone from getting wet and damaged. Great for fishing, boating, a day at the beach, torrential downpours, or any other time you don’t want to risk your phone taking an unwanted bath!

Aleratec Smart Phone Waterproof Pouch

I wanted to review this product because I do not currently own any sort of pouch or a case to protect my phone from getting wet when I’m at the beach. This past summer I’d been using a plastic baggie. While that works and you can still use the touchscreen on your phone, it’s not quite the same as having a bag that is thicker and better designed for this purpose. While I don’t do many activities in the winter that require me to use these, I will be very grateful to have them come summertime again. Although I can imagine that they might be useful if you plan on being in really wet snow, or like the go playing on frozen bodies of water where the risk of falling in is present. (Though if you fall in a body of frozen water, your phone getting wet is probably the least of your worries.)

The smart phone pouch itself is a rectangular, transparent, plastic pouch with two large ziploc type closures that is then folded down and velcroed in place. The pouch comes with an attachable cord that is big enough to wear around your neck, if you so choose. The transparency of the pouch allows you to use all the features of your phone (even the camera!) without taking the phone out of the pouch and risking it falling into a watery grave.

Aleratec Smart Phone Waterproof Pouch Closure

Overall, I like this smart phone pouch and will continue to use it whenever I’m playing near the water. As this package came with two pouches and I don’t plan to use mine so often that I’ll need a replacement, I plan to gift the second one to my sister. I would recommend this pouch to anyone who spends time around the water with a smartphone they’re rather not have water damaged.


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8 Must-Have SheInside Fashions – Wishlist

sheinside  – Wishlist
sheinside online clothing store

I’ve recently been introduced to the online clothing store SheInside. They offer a variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry and accessories in many styles and patterns. The prices seem to be quite reasonable from what I’ve seen, and I’ve been impressed with the selection. I had fun compiling for you all eight items that I found from SheInside that are too cute! Continue on to see what I picked…

Beige Batwing Short Sleeve Birds Print Shift DressGreen Round Neck Sleeveless A Line Birds Print Dress

White Lapel Long Sleeve Heart Print Blouse White Blue Short Sleeve Eiffel Tower Print T-Shirt

Rose Red Embroidered Flare Skirt Black Sleeveless Cross Hollow Jumpsuit

Green Multilayers Bead NecklaceBlack Rivets Clutch Bag

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What items from SheInside strike your fancy? If you could have any item on the site, what would you choose?

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Review: Ozeri Ultra Wind 42″ Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Face and Control Panel | maegal.blogspot.com
For review, I was sent an Oscillating Tower Fan from Ozeri. I’ve previously reviewed a fan from Ozeri,  but I wanted to review this one with the purpose of having it be our new wood stove heat circulation system, or sorts. Continue on to read my review, and view a video clip of these fan in motion.

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan | maegal.blogspot.com

This fan is about 3 feet tall, counting the extended base. It’s fan area is about 1.5 feet tall, which makes for a nice amount of air flow. The oscillation rotates to cover about three-quarters of the fans surrounding area. It features of control panel as well as a removable remote. The display screen shows you the temperature of the air by the fan as well as the speed and mode you are using.

Be sure to check out all my other Ozeri reviews, they have something for everyone:

Here is a video showing the fan in action. I tried to do a voiceover so you could get a better idea what you’re seeing, but my iMovie was creating a terrible buzzing when I tried. Another time, hopefully…

So far, this fan is working out pretty well next to our wood stove. It’s only just now begun to get cold enough some days to justify lighting a fire. We have the fan currently placed to the side of the wood stove so that it can push the hot air in from of the stove out into the rest of the room. The oscillation is helpful in spreading around the heat. And it seem to be working pretty well so far!
Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Control Panel | maegal.blogspot.comOzeri Oscillating Tower Fan Base | maegal.blogspot.com
Overall, I like this fan. It’s shape makes it nice for small spaces, because it doesn’t take up a lot of room, but still give off a lot of fan power and air. It’s working quite well in conjunction with our wood stove, and I imagine it would be great for hot days in the summer, too.

Buy on…*

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Giveaway: iPad Mini & $500 Giftcard to ISOTONER | Ends 12/13

purex and isotoner giveaway MAEGAL

ISOTONER smarTouch gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and toasty while still allowing you to use your touch screen devices. To keep your gloves nice and clean all winter long, use Purex liquid detergent. Keep warm and amused this winter with a $500 ISOTONER Giftcard and iPad Mini! 10 runner ups will each win a $25 Giftcard.
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Guest Post: 6 Tips for Winterizing Your Bedroom

This weeks guest posts gives you six tips for winterizing your bedroom. Too bad I didn’t read this before leaving my apartment, I could have winterized it better for while we’re gone. Enjoy these tips! Leave a comment letting me know how your winterize.
If you would like to submit a guest post, please learn more here

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winterize livingroom maegal

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better than being able to relax in a warm, cozy bedroom. Here are six tips for making certain that your room is ready for the wintertime.

Continue on to read the six tips.

1. Switch to Flannel
In the summertime, we try to keep the fabrics in our bedrooms as light and breezy as possible. Generally, this means thin cotton. However, cotton sheets aren’t the best choice for chilly winter temperatures. As soon as the thermometer starts to drop, you’ll want to break out the flannel. It helps trap in your body heat while you sleep to keep you feeling toasty. 

2. Invest in a Down Comforter

Ducks and geese are kept warm in cold Arctic temperatures because of the layer of down feathers that act as insulation beneath their course outer feathers. This same property is what makes a down comforter so ideal for winterizing your bedroom. 

3. Caulk and Cover Windows

Before the weather gets cold, you’ll want to check your windows to see if they’re leaking in cold air. Examine the window frames to see if you can feel any draft coming in. Fill in any cracks or holes with caulking or foam sealant. If there’s a gap between your window and the window sill, try filling some old pantyhose with beans or sand to keep drafts at bay.
If your windows are old or are single-pane, you’ll also want to create another barrier between your home and the outside. Cut heavy plastic into sheets large enough to cover the entire window. Tape these sheets on the outside of the window. Heavy-duty tape will be the most effective, but if you are afraid of damaging pain, you can use masking tape. 

4. Run a Humidifier

Running heaters and taking hot showers tends to dry our skin out in the wintertime. An easy solution to this problem is to run a humidifier in your room to put back some of the moisture into the air. The water in the air also helps trap heat, so you’ll find that a properly humidified room can actually be kept at a slightly lower temperature and save you some money on your heating bills. 

5. Switch Your Drapes 

winterize drapes maegal

Another trick for preventing cold winter air from seeping into your bedroom is to have proper curtains. Look for drapes that are insulated or that are made from thick fabrics, like velvet. If you want to stick with the curtains you have, but they’re flimsy, you can clip heavier blankets, towels, or sheets on the inside of the drape for more protection. 

6. Invest in rugs

Finally, if you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, you’ll want to make certain that you throw down rugs on the floor. A nice, thick-piled rug is the perfect antidote to cold feet, especially when you take that first step out of bed in the morning. As an added benefit, a good rug will also help insulate your room, which can mean your room feels just a wee bit warmer.

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About the Author: Rebecca Bridge is a writer and painter living in Seattle. In the wintertime, you’re most likely to find her at home reading a book and snuggled up under her favorite down comforter. Visit Rebecca at OneDogOneBlog.com

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AffordableScarves Review & Giveaway (Win a $20 giftcard!)

I was recently given to opportunity to review a scarf from AffordableScarves.com. I am happy to bring you a review for the scarf and the company, as I was very pleased with my experience. Also, one reader will have the chance to win a $20 AffordableScarves.com Giftcard to buy his/her own scarf!

Read more to enter to win and read my review.

The scarf I received and reviewed is the Andrea Floral Metallic Pashmina. It is a large, shawl-like scarf featuring a brown and metallic gold floral pattern. The material is thick and warm, while still being soft and flexible. The quality seems to be quite nice. I look forward to wearing this scarf more as the winter cold hits a bit harder here soon. The image below is from the website and shows the scarf I received. (The picture is quite accurate.)

Click on the image to view the scarf on the website.
Scarves are always a wonderful way to add flair to any outfit, as well as providing that extra bit of warmth for winter. Being from the Northwest, we never get super snowy cold winters, but having a nice scarf is great for the crisp mornings and cold nights. We don’t get a whole lot of sun around this time of year.
There are many different variations of scarves to choose from. AffordableScarves offers a great variety of patterns and colors to suit everyone’s taste. For a more simple and classic look, try a solid color scarf. To add some interest to your outfit, why not try out a striped scarf. Check out the website to see all of your choices.
Note: AffordableScarves.com will be moving to scarves.net starting January 25th.
Pros about the scarf:
• As mentioned above, the quality is great and the material is quite nice.
• The scarf came nicely folded and packaged simply.
• Being a pashmina, the scarf is versatile in the way that I can wear it as a scarf or a shawl (it’s big enough to do both nicely).
Pros about the company:
• The shipping was super fast!
• The website was easy to navigate. I had an easy time finding a scarf I liked and checking out.
• I have none. I am 100% pleased with the scarf, the company and my experience with both.

Be sure to check out the Scarves Blog to learn fun was to organize your scarves, wear scarves and so much more scarf-y goodness. 
Also check out AffordableScarves’ Facebook Page and @affordscarves on Twitter.

One reader will win a $20 gift certificate!
Ends: 01/19 at 12:01AM EST
• Open to US residents only.
• Read the Rafflecopter form for more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Check out these other great giveaways from MaeGal:


The scarf was sent to me by AffordableScarves.com through AffordableStyle for review. I am not being compensated for this post. All opinion are 100% my own and have not been influenced. The $20 giftcard prize is being provided by AffordableStyle for AffordableScarves.com.

Fashion: Trend Alert- Riding Boots

Riding boots are all over this fall and winter season. Riding boots are a great style of boot to add to your shoe collection. With a classic and sophisticated look, these boots will be in style for quite a while. You can find a pair that fit you, whatever style you like.

Below I’ve put together three outfits all featuring riding boots, and all with slightly different styles.

For a girly look, try pairing riding boots with a floral dress. For added warmth and a unique twist on your summer dress, through on a loose fitting top. Finish off the look with a belt, accessories and simple makeup.

For a flirty look, pair riding boots with simple skinny jeans and a cute, flowy top. Finish off the look with accessories, makeup and add a pop of color with a bright clutch.

For a bit off a rocker look, try pairing riding boots with skinny jeans and a loose fitting, baggy tee. Finish off the look with a bag and some simple makeup.

Riding Boots - Rocker

Black top, 99 SEK; H&M jeans, £9.99; H&M boots, £20; Backpack bag, £30

Do YOU like riding boots? 
Do you own a pair, would you buy a pair?
Comment below and let me know.

Fashion: Sweater Dress

Read more to see a short and sweet post featuring a sweater dress outfit. =)

Happy Holidays!

To everyone who likes my blog because of the fashion, sorry it has been pretty absent from my blog lately. (Though my original followers from when it was just a fashion blog don’t seem to have moved over from the old URL to this one.)

So, it’s that time of year again! (If you’re in a climate with a warmer winter.) Time to whip out those sweater dresses.

Sweater dresses are a great way to keep wearing dresses and sporting your girlier side while still keeping warmer than wearing a plain dress.
Like in the outfit below, simply add a pair of leggings or tights and some cute wedge shoes and your ready to go! This look is perfect for everyday.

Simply Winter Look

Hope you enjoyed the post.

I really well try to get back into posting more fashion posts (ideally more detailed ones, unlike this short post…unless you like those, too?)
Perhaps I’ll even start posting fashion things every Friday, as a Fashion Friday situation.

Do you like sweater dresses? Do you own any?
Comment below, let me know!

Fashion: Express – Women’s Suits

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.


Express offers a wide selection of women’s suits for all your suit needs. Whether you are looking for a suit to wear to work, interviews or events, Express as just the suit for you.
Express suits come in an array of colors, styles and fabrications. You are sure to find the suit that “suits” you best. That pun may have been intended. Express has pant suits, skirt suits, and separates (like jackets, pants and skirts that you can mix and match to create your own unique suit).
Already own a suit? I bet it’s either black or gray. Why not try and mix it up? Express has cream colored suits (perfect for Fall and Winter) as well as red suits (perfect for adding a nice pop of color in the colder months). If red and cream are too bold for you, check out the tan and blue suits.
If I were in the market for buying a suit, I would look into buying a red suit. Red is one of my favorite colors, plus it is a must-have for the Fall 2011 season. Red goes so well with the falling leaves, while making a statement at the same time. I love that Express has the option of either pants or a skirt with their red suits. I’d have a hard time choosing between a great pair of flattering pants or a sexy pencil skirt.

Want the chance to win a $500 suiting makeover from Express?
Click to enter. >> Express sweepstakes

Which suit is your favorite from Express’s website? Where will you wear your suit?
Leave your comments below!
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