Back to Mexico {Wordless Wednesday}

Two pictures from my families 2012 vacation to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
The first being a day picture of the beach, the second being an evening sunset.
mazatlan sinaloa mexico day beach palm tree pacific ocean

mazatlan sinaloa mexico sunset beach palm tree pacific ocean
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Gardening Season 2013- Plant, Grow, Harvest {Wordless Wednesday}

2013 Gardening Seed Packets |
The seeds I planted for the 2013 season; romaine, snap peas, radishes, carrots, beets and snow peas.

I was going through my drafts for my blog to see if I had any pictures to publish as part of Wordless Wednesday. I found these pictures for my 2013 gardening season and thought I would share them with you, because I’m not ready to share my 2014 season pictures! So behind. This was the year a certain Mountain Beaver ate much of my garden, so the picture get a bit hard to know what’s going on. 2014 pictures will be better.

So without further explanation and some limited captions (because I can never be truly ‘wordless’), continue on to see my 2013 Garden from planting to growing to harvesting…

planting seeds  |
After the planting, the little rows within my mini garden (that was within the fence of my mothers larger garden).
growing vegetables  |
flowering rashish  |
Radish gone to seed (which you can apparently eat).
romaine head  |

bush peas |
Notice the sickly looking pea plant. Darn critters eating its roots.
snow peas | maegal.blogspot.compea flower  |

carrots |

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Wordless Wednesday: Purple and Pink Petunias

potted petunias | photography by MaeGal

Here is another lovely example of me putting off drafts and forgetting about them for a long time! Another lovely selection of flower photographs from last year. I’ve replanted this post for this season, so perhaps it’s time for me to take pictures and upload this year while they’re still “this year”. Until then, enjoy last years petunias! 

Continue on for close ups…

dark pink petunias | photography by MaeGal

medium pink petunias | photography by MaeGal
deep purple petunias | photography by MaeGal

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Wordless Wednesday: Fire Flowers

fire flowers | photography by MaeGal

I took these pictures last year and they’ve just been sitting here as a draft waiting for me to get around to publishing. So here they are! Or rather, one picture with three subjects. I just liked the colors being fire colors; red, orange and yellow.

Pictures taken in my backyard, Washington State, 2013.

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Wordless Wednesday: Where the Forest Meets the Ocean

Where the Forest Meets the Ocean | Photography by MaeGal |

Excuse the lack of posts this week, as well as probably the lack of posts next week. I’ve started a new job which in addition to my previous job has me working all day for the next month with limited blogging time. I’ll be back to it for sure come June. Thanks for always baring with you, especially those of you who have been around for years through all of my shenanigans. Which makes me inspired to ask, how long have you been reading MaeGal?

Where The Forest Meets the OceanBeach 3, Kalaloch, Washington
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